Hosted Microsoft SharePoint provides integrated enterprise-class server capabilities to improve your organisations effectiveness.  Connect people to the processes and information they need across boundaries and improve workflows and productivity.

SharePoint provides flexible, secure access to manage proprietary data and buil customised team web sites with simple Microsoft Office document synchronisation and sharing facilities.  It can help streamline how you operate with external suppliers and partners.

Manage content and streamline processes –Help teams work more efficiently by managing content like Microsoft documents and web pages.  Streamline business processes that are a drain on organisational productivity.
Improve business insight – Take advantage of in-built applications for initiating, tracking and reporting common business activities such as document review and approval, issue tracking and signature collection.
Connect people with information and expertise – Centralise information and expertise so users can search easily.  Share knowledge and simplify working with others within and across organisational boundaries.
Make IT more effective – Boost the responsiveness of IT to strategic business needs through one platform.  Produce tailored solutions quickly without lengthy software engineering.
Hosted simplicity – Rapidly deliver new functionality that scales on demand without increasing IT overheads.
Reliable performance – Running in our state of the art hosting centres, SharePoint is always avaialble and maintained to the highest standards.
Maximise budgets – Deliver the support end users need with predictable monthly costs and no capital investments.
Business intelligence – Use dashboards to create reports for instant information.

SharePoint is preloaded with 40 web applications to support these business functions:
-    Management and finance
-    Human Resources
-    Operations & IT
-    Sales & Marketing

Using hosted online applications or (software as a service), enables your organisation to work more flexibly and be more productive, while still providing feature-rich applications without the IT overhead or upfront capital costs.

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